Museum of Tolerance provides powerful lesson for youth hockey team

Everyone who visits the Holocaust exhibit at the Museum of Tolerance gets a passport, a small card imprinted with a photo of a child who was caught up in the Nazis’ murderous anti-Semitism. Inserting the card into the slot of computers placed along the way brings up information about that child’s life, community, and location at key moments. It puts a human face on a dark, dehumanized era.

The last computer reveals the child’s fate. Too often, the answer is heartbreaking.

If studying history was a dull and dusty concept to members of the Jr. Kings youth team who performed a Nazi salute and made anti-Semitic remarks in a video posted on social media, if those teenagers didn’t know the potential for casual bigotry to inflame hatred and evil, they know it now after spending eight hours at the museum in Los Angeles a few days ago.