The great debate: A Youth hockey players diet

Youth sports players, not NHL, D1 college or the like. Kids having fun playing youth hockey

30 years ago coach said to “carb up” before gametime. Eat a giant bowl of pasta 2 hrs before and drink a lot of water. Don’t forget a nap if you can spare the time in between school work. Oh, and a nice sized chocolate bar before you hit the ice will add a little extra zip in your stride.

Post game, drink as much Gatorade as possible to replace the electrolytes lost during game play.

FFWD to today.

Coach wants johnny hockey player eating meat protein, vegetables and/or salad but be gentle on the dressing. As for the pasta, a side will suffice. Drinking water however still remains the same, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Everybody can always use a little extra sleep, so don’t forget the nap. Remember that chocolate bar? Forget about it, if you need a little extra pick me up to provide the additional zip. Eat fruit or nuts.