Running Up The Score – Good or Bad?

It’s a hot button topic, running up the score and celebrating during a contest where the opposition team is clearly over matched.

The USWNT destroyed Thailand yesterday in soccer match play. They set a record with 13 goals to zero when all was said and done. It’s all over the media today, “Are these the lessons we want to teach our kids”? Many have voiced their opinion and disgust about poor sportsmanship and professionalism on the field.

But is it?

It’s a tournament, tournament play is based on differentials if it comes down to win/loss ratio and teams being tied. As unfortunate as it seems by the final score, it is necessary to score and do it as often as your team can. Will the other team be angry when all is said and done, most likely but they also know this is a part of the game which they have to understand cannot be ignored. People may not like how it all played out but the US Women’s National team did what they’re trained to do, score goals and win no matter what the cost.

As far as celebrating, that’s fine in tight games but if you’re winning by a large margin I believe you need to be respectful of your opponent. Don’t shove it in their face and put on a petty unsportsmanlike display after every goal. Score your goal and go back to the bench or line up for another draw. Understand that if the roles are reversed you’re not going to be happy about the treatment you’re getting from your adversary. Play disciplined and be respectful of every opponent you play. Your team can easily be in the same situation at any given time.

Otherwise your setting a bad example for our younger generation, it’s senseless and unwarranted.