Hockey Camp To Learn How To Fight

Brewer, Maine — July 25, 2019 — Holden Police Chief Chris Greeley works with Alex Johnson, R.A.M. Hockey summer camp participant, on basic self defense skills Thursday afternoon. Holden Police and Brewer Police worked together to teach a one hour class to the hockey students for a dry land training session.

A New England hockey coach/instructor is teaching kids ages 9 through 12 not only how to play hockey but also how to fight.

Randy Marsh, head coach of Brewer Youth Hockey 12U in Brewer Maine has teamed up with local police chief Chris Greeley and police officer Levi Sewall to teach kids self defense on the ice. The week long summer hockey camp is designed to teach kids to play hockey and defend themselves. Marsh calls the fighting instruction a “treat” for the kids because it gives them something else to learn and provides useful knowledge and experience should they wind up having to defend themselves at some point when they are playing.

Brewer, Maine — July 25, 2019 — Students from the R.A.M. Hockey summer camp watch as Holden Police Chief Chris Greeley and Cpl. Levi Sewall, Brewer Police Department, teach them basic self defense as a part of their dry land training.

The weeklong R.A.M. Camp at the Penobscot Ice Arena in Brewer includes 15 hours of ice time and five hours of dry-land training. In addition to self-defense, those dry-land exercises include running, strength training and a trust course to help the campers work on their balance.