Hockey Community Fundraiser in Alex Blais’ Name

Sadly, in June of last summer, Alex lost his battle with brain cancer. “He loved hockey. If he were still alive, he would be here. Even if he still had cancer, he would find a way to be here,” said youth hockey coach Steven Rich.

Rich organized a clinic to raise money in Alex’s name. His son’s team played against Alex, but said they are all part of one team.

“We started following his story and my son asked me weekly, ‘How’s Alex? How’s Alex?’ and we’d follow the family’s story and the bigger hockey family stepped in there because we all feel a part of the same family,” Rich said.

Elite hockey coaches from the high school, prep school, and college level donated their time.

“But it’s a big family as well. I think people do a really good job of taking care of each other in these situations,” said Williston girls hockey coach Christa Syfu.